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The accidental discovery of a 'time capsule' of previously undiscovered tin can labels, resulted in the producing of this beautiful & fun book, of nearly forgotten late 1800's history.  The cans were in excellent condition and have the first colored labels ever printed.  The tin cans have been featured on PBS's popular program, The Antiques Roadshow.  As recently as Oct 2, 2010, they were shown on The Antiques Roadshow FYI.  This book will appeal to everyone who has even a slight interest in history. It does not get bogged down in lengthy details but keeps it interesting.

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Everyone will enjoy the opportunity to see the incredible graphics of these early labels and learn about the history of the canning industry in its infancy in America.  Those who have saved any lost or long forgotten item they have found while remodeling a home or digging in the garden, will find Labels, Leadville, & Lore fascinating and informative. This hard-bound, 192 page, full-color, coffee-table book contains hundreds of photos of the earliest and most beautiful colored tin can labels ever made. Over 400 photos of the labels and other treasures, along with stories, make the history come alive and will make this book a treasured edition to any library.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Former Leadville resident and Colorado native Doug Rhoades' early life helped set the stage for his interest in old things and 'found' treasures.  Countless memorable days were spent searching the mountains and deserts for treasures.  The discovery of the old cans combined with Rhoades' easy style of storytelling began the process of the creation of this book.  Doug enjoys sailing with family and friends and continues to tell his own and others' stories from the past.  He and his wife Cherie now live in a farmhouse on five acres near Snohomish, Washington. Four of their five children live nearby and one daughter resides in Gypsum.

Labels, Leadville and Lore by Douglas H. Rhoades
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